How to Impress a CEO

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Animation: Sam Liberto
Music: Benshmark
Video Clips (not CC): PatTheEntrepreneur


fjell_strom said:

Sadly, John, most things I have loved about your work seem absent in this vid. Still, I wish you every success.

surrealisticpill said:

i'm sorry but i have to agree with fjell_strom. i appreciate the animation, but you lose your commanding presence with the puppet. this video seems much less personal, and while it is funny and still better than mostly everything on youtube, i prefer most of your other work to this.

shane said:

actually, this is one of John's best videos yet. The puppet really works in this case. It's . . . you know . . . ironic to use the puppet in "response" to this video of a puppet lovin' on corporations. maybe that escapes some people.

matt said:

I want John Holden back. Give the puppet his own show. Please please please.

naisioxerloro said:

Good design, who make it?

Eric Carlson said:

For everyone who is interested, my neighbor, Curtis Gilbert from Minnesota Public Radio produced an amazing 5 minute clip about John's YouTube phenomenon which aired today on MPR.

Listen here:

I hope John's genius will continue to be featured in the mainstream. Good work John-


Spencer said:


kc... said:

i... i love you like a dislexic loves his jab-jab needle.
thats alot.
thank you.

surrealisticpill said:

I really liked the article/radio piece by Curtis Gilbert from Minnesota Public Radio. John, you should sing more! And don't stop doing video responses - you said yourself the people who you respond to have never really been offended. And if you're responding to lesser-known people, you'll actually be doing them a favor by getting them views. Don't let feelings inhibit your art. Fuck the haters, they're idiots! Long live ractalfece!

kc... said:

yea, i just remember the comment i posted earlier today. and i thought to myself... "dislexic? wtf?" allow me to correct myself.
i appreciate forgiveness :D

c said:

i just watched most of your vids all in one sitting and i noticed a progression, yet i couldnt quite put my finger on who you began to resemble more and more, as your videos got angrier for lack of a better word... then it dawned on me... as you hold that mic, swaying to and fro; henry rollins. yep. not pepper haired henry rollins of today, but henry of yesteryear... fronting for black flag... crazy eyed and poignant; much like yourself.


alex said:

The whole idea of buying a cd of your stuff....especially after watching so much of your videos...would feel like buying the jockstrap of my favorite WWE wrestler. The smell and the taste would be so sweet and so there and so special and so mine can't SEE genius in a jockstrap. What you need to do is just gather together all the shit you've put up on youtube and just release it as a dvd. Like the cd but with pictures and coninuity and maybe a little flourish here and there in show passage of time. Pretend it's your ultimate face zine. Something to pass around. I know I'd sit some people down to watch it. Not to mention....what you've done so far is post up a giant scrapbook of sketches. It doesn't take that much to throw them all together and call it a book. That've made something without even trying........because....after could die tomorrow and not have anything to totally throw up..

Brendan McQueen said:

pure genius...have you ever abused cough syrup by any chance? ever heard of the sifl & ollie show? keep fighting the good fight against cretins of all sorts....look for my music on youtube soon.........

sunscablood said:

John, all of Tinseltown went on strike and you have gone and crossed the picket line. Surely that would be the beginning of the end.

lljames said:

You do realize Star Bucks CEO is going to recieve a bunch of junk, right? If they change their minds about liking this stuff, they may come after you. You took a risk, the non safe old John is back.

Erik said:

Youtube front page + Minnesota Public Radio = two forms of media = media whore = Ted Nugent shooting a German Shepard in the face with a compound bow. At least I think so. Teacher told me to show my work.

Wyatt said:


Anonymous said:

You are a comedic genius, with a unique style of delivery.

Keep up the crazy work man.

Anonymous said:


You lose a little with the puppet, I preferred the face-to-face with the camera style.

Fealgerep said:

m.. very nice

bea said:

kid who mails crap to ceos = BEAutiful skin

john= is looking old and greasy and could really use a facial

i can help you that too...

bea said:

kid who mails crap to ceos = BEAutiful skin

john = looking old and greasy and could really use a facial

i can help you that too...

bea said:

i am resentful of your west coast time that attatches itself to these comments.

its really 4 am ... 4AM!!!!! i deserve credit for hours and hours of late night posts.. and i think it makes it easier to understand and forgive all the typos and duplicate posts. maybe not.

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